About Caleb

Hi there, I’m Caleb.

I’m a Software Engineer working in the Netherlands.

While studying business at Erasmus University, I took a course ironically titled “programming for managers” and got hooked. I realized that there was no other field in which I could problem solve for hours on end and not get bored.

I started my career as a DevOps and Cloud engineer working with the miraid of tools that brings with it. From Azure to Kubernetes, Jenkins to Terraform, and everything in between.

Whilst working with various clients, I realized I mostly enjoyed the creativity in writing code. This led me to transition into backend engineering. Having a solid foundation in the DevOps culture and the more infrastructural elements of software deployment, has been a significant benefit as I now continue to write my own applications.

As I continue to grow professionally, I use this blog to simplify the challenging and insightful things I encounter, with the hope that others benefit along the way.