About Caleb

Hi there, I’m Caleb.

I’m a DevOps Consultant working in the Netherlands.

(We can discuss whether that’s a real job or not some other time)

I’ve been a Techy from the start. When I was ready to leave the nest, I ended up in university for Business Administration. Followed that up with a Master’s in Business Information Management where the decision was made to pursue the technical side of the industry and leave the business strategy for later on in my career.

Captivated by the cloud and all the possibilities it offered, I found a Junior position at a consultancy that threw me in at the deep end – and I loved every moment of it.

From Azure to Openshift, Jenkins to Python, I wanted to understand how all these tools interact and how the DevOps culture can revitalize how we work – and of course automate as much as possible.

I decided to blog my journey by keeping an account of the highlights I experience each week.

Hopefully this blog proves useful to others along the way.